Renovate Buildings 300 & 500

Total renovation of Buildings 300 and 500, including historic consideration of Building 300. The renovated buildings will contain general classrooms, CIS laboratories, ACT laboratories, photography laboratories, Dean and faculty offices, shared laboratories, and a lecture hall.

Review of the building construction documents continues at the Division of the State Architect (DSA). Back-check comments have been issued to the Architect-of-Record, R2A Architecture. A meeting with DSA to review responses to back-check comments is anticipated in the near future. The campus project team continues to work with Fullerton Heritage on this project. The sewer line connection Buildings 300 and 500 to the city Sewer on Lemon Dr. has been identified for necessary replacement. Construction is anticipated to take place Summer 2020.

Project Estimate:
$35,882,000 comprised of Measure J: $20,482,000 State Funds: $15,400,000

Campus Project Manager:
Oscar Saghieh

District Director, Facilities Planning & Construction:
Richard Williams

Program Management:
MAAS Companies