7th and 10th Floors Buildout

The renovation of the 7th and 10th floors at North Orange Continuing Education (NOCE) began with the conversion of two floors roughly equaling 19,000 square feet into renovated facilities that better serve NOCE’s continuing education students. On the 7th floor, students may strengthen their English language skills through the English as a Second Language Program (ESL). To better serve this program, NOCE added updated offices for program staff as well as a resource center for faculty. There are three assessment centers, one of which, is designated for testing accommodations for students with disabilities. The 10th floor is home to the District’s Vice-Chancellor, Educational Services & Technology Department. This floor is equipped with flexible uses, from classrooms to workshop areas, and offices for District staff.

Status: Completed

Project Costs: Measure X=$4,252,430 ; Measure J=949,134

Architect of Records: R2A Architecture

Campus Project Manager: Richard Williams

District Director, Facilities Planning & Construction: Richard Williams

Program Management: MAAS Companies

Construction Progress Pictures


Completed Construction Pictures