7th and 10th Floors Buildout

The 7th floor remodel will accommodate the North Otange Continuing Education's needs for assessment centers, while the 10th floor will accommodate the District's Vice Chancellor, Educational Services & Technology Department.

Paul C Miller Construction Co. completed construction work on the 7th and 10th Floors. Both floors are now fully occupied. A Notice of Completion for this project has been filed with the Orange County Register. The project received the Certificate of Completion from the Division of the State Architect on November 15, 2019. Close-out for this project has been completed.

Project Estimate:
$6,038,776 comprised of Measure J: $2,151,359 Measure X: $3,887,417

Campus Project Manager:
Richard Williams

District Director, Facilities Planning & Construction:
Richard Williams

Program Management:
MAAS Companies