Project Overview

The Anaheim Tower First Floor Life/Safety Renovation project will include renovations to improve the building’s durability by mitigating water intrusion issues. Enhancements to the parking areas and to access surrounding the main tower are also planned including an improved path of travel for all users to more easily access the main entrance points to the tower.


Status: Construction

Project Estimate: Measure J= $3,783,000; State= $10,330,000; RDA= $647,189

Architect of Record: SVA Architects, Inc.

General Contractor: PCL Construction

Project Manager: Matt Pirayeh

Program Management: MAAS Companies

Anticipated Completion: February 2025

Anaheim Tower First Floor Life/Safety Renovation - Project Site


Current Deficiencies

Upcoming Milestones:

  • Area 3 waterproofing
  • Area 2 Demolition

Impacts and Closure:

  • Working is scheduled Monday - Friday from 7:00 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Expect some noise, dust, and loss of use parking lot during construction


Emergency Contact:

  • Primary Contact: Matt Pirayeh - Project Manager 310-739-1198
  • Secondary Contact: Jon Kim - Project Engineer - 323-745-7285

Q2 2024 Project Update

Anaheim Campus Tower First Floor Life/Safety Renovation

The storm drains were relocated in mid-April at the upper deck parking lot. Crews also made determinations for appropriate sloping to improve drainage capability of the system. Rebar was later installed prior to the start of lightweight concrete pours that began on May 3. The application of a water resistance barrier proceeded after the pours were completed.

On the interior, PCL Construction led a quality standards and expectations meeting to address the start of interior repairs. Construction barriers were placed in the vicinity of the first-floor restrooms that are adjacent to the elevators. Demolition is expected to begin in the same area in mid-May for the construction of all-gender restrooms.