Greenhouse Replacement

Fullerton College’s Horticulture Department offers ‘hands-on’ classes for homeowners, nursery and landscaping employees, and students wishing to enter the horticulture industry. To better support the goals of our students and community, the existing greenhouse was replaced with a 2,880-square-foot Venlo-style structure with enhanced features to enable greater light transmission and temperature control in a stable growing environment. The new structure adds an additional 1,440 square feet in two growing areas. This offers students more space to grow plants and gives faculty more flexibility for instruction. In addition, this project supports American Disabilities Act compliance by adding a ramp to facilitate access to differently-abled students, faculty, staff, and the community. Lastly, renovations to the nearby restrooms were made to improve the overall quality of the building.


Status: Completed

Project Costs: Measure J=$834,381, Local=$1,060,339

Architect of Records: Westberg+White

General Contractor: RT Contractor

Campus Project Manager: Larry Lara

Program Management: MAAS Companies

Construction Progress Pictures


Completed Construction Pictures