New Instructional Building

The building will help meet campus growth needs with the goal of consolidating an instructional division into a single building. The building will accommodate more than 40 classrooms and the division office services including staff offices. Scope of work for this projects includes the expansion of the Chilled Water plant.

Excavation of the site for the New Instructional Building is underway. Rerouting of the electric bank and fire water supply line at the south end of the site were completed in mid-April. Unforeseen conditions were discovered in the preparation of the site for demolition. A 6" chilled water line supplying Building 1400, not found on the as-builts, was discovered and rerouted. Foundation work is expected to start following the rerouting of utilities. Historic preservation plan protection measures are being deployed as needed. 

Construction work proceeds at the site during the current Stay At Home directive from the State's Governor. BNBuilders is following recommendations from the CDC on social distancing and hygiene practices for all its employees and subcontractors.

Project Estimate:

Campus Project Manager:
Oscar Saghieh

District Director, Facilities Planning & Construction:
Richard Williams

Program Management:
MAAS Companies