New Veteran's Resources Center and Student Activities Center

Since its completion in the fall of 2021, the newly renovated Student Activities Center (SAC) was expanded by an additional 12,000 square feet to support the existing center as well as the new Veterans Resource Center. The SAC facilitates a rich student life on Campus with the inclusion of a student lounge, computer lab, food pantry, game room, conference room, general work area for student clubs as well as the executive offices for the Associated Students. It is also home to the International Students Program making services available that are tailored to the needs of this cross-section of students. Together, the SAC and VRC serve more than 16,000 students, over 600 of whom identify as veterans or are currently affiliated with the military.

The new Veterans Resource Center offers educational and support services for veterans as they transition from active military duty back into both civilian and student life. Here, veterans may access services relating to mental health, college admissions, academic counseling, career counseling, and educational benefits. The building’s design features glass paneling over the structure allowing for full views of the outdoors including the Veterans’ Memorial Bridge, Tribute Garden, and Pond. Constructed inside the existing SAC, a total of 1,900 square feet of conference rooms and auxiliary spaces were repurposed to form the VRC.

Status: Completed

Project Costs: Measure J=$13,411,167, Local=$89,764

Architect of Records: LPA, Inc.

Construction Manager / at Risk: Sundt Construction, Inc.

Campus Project Manager: Michael Zari

Program Management: MAAS Companies

Completed Construction Pictures


Construction Progress Pictures