Welcome to the NOCCCD Measure J Bond Program

A heartfelt thank you to the North Orange County Community College District (NOCCCD) voters, who came together to successfully vote on and enact Measure J, a $574 million bond investment on facilities and infrastructures at the three District Campuses. This measure provides the necessary funds to improve and expand on the District’s educational goals at each Campus it serves. This has meant the addition of new and technologically advanced classrooms, computer labs, and science labs that will accommodate expanded job training, academic programs, and vital services to better support students in their educational endeavors. As a result, North Orange Community College District remains committed to cultivating a better-educated workforce, which will benefit businesses and stimulate our economy. Since its inception, the District, along with teams from each Campus has completed twenty-six projects, eleven of which constitute major construction across all three campuses.

Cypress College Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Completed New SEM Building at Cypress College
Fine Arts Building Rendering at Cypress College

At Cypress Campus, seventeen projects have been completed so far. Most notable are the New Science Engineering and Mathematics (SEM) Building, the Student Activities Center and Veteran Resource Center, and the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge and Tribute Garden. These projects were unveiled in October 2021. Students may now enjoy advanced features available to enhance their science, math, and engineering needs inclusive of cutting-edge features like the immersive digital classroom and multiple labs to enable hands-on experience. And Cypress College can support students, particularly veterans, by offering services to support their vital needs. There are five active projects currently underway and scheduled for completion in the next three years. They are the Fine Arts Renovation, the Swing Space – Fine Arts, Campus-wide Security Camera System Upgrade, EV Charging Stations – Lot 4, and the LLRC Secondary Data Center. Upon completion, students will have access to professional recording studios and performance spaces that will deepen their skills in the Fine Arts to support their future goals. And through infrastructure updates like an upgraded security system and charging stations, Cypress College will offer its students and staff an academic setting that is safe and environmentally friendly.

At Fullerton College, four projects have been completed since 2014. They are the Greenhouse Replacement, Update & Improve Infrastructure for the 300 Building Sewer line, Central Plant Replacement & Expansion, and New Instructional Building. Most notable of these projects is the completion of the New Instructional Building, also known as Building 2400, which was unveiled in May 2022. For the first time in Fullerton College history, the Humanities program is housed in one location. This means students may enjoy an environment dedicated to the Humanities with updated facilities to meet their needs. At the moment, there are five projects in varying stages of construction and design at Fullerton College. They are the Willshire Chiller Plant Relocation, the New Performing Arts Complex, the New Maintenance &Operations Building, Chapman/Newell Building, and the Renovate 300 Building. These projects will supplement the existing facilities of the Campus with state-of-the-art amenities while encouraging the public to attend events through the addition of a 540-seat theatre. The creation of the Chapman/Newell Instructional Building will provide students with vital services like mental health, wellness, Umoja Community Program, and access to the food bank for those in need. In addition, this

Completed New Instructional Building at Fullerton College
Upcoming Project Performing Art Building at Fullerton College
Completed CTE and 2nd Floor Room 21
Develop Interior & Exterior Signage Rendering at Anaheim College

At Anaheim Campus, three projects are completed so far, including the Secondary MDF, the 7 and 10th floors, and the 5th-floor Career Technical Education (CTE). Students enrolled in continuing education courses at the Anaheim Campus are now furnished with updated classrooms and laboratories to enhance their learning experience. Additionally, the 7 and 10th floors house programs like the North Orange Continuing Education (NOCE) needs assessment center as well as the Educational Services and Technology Department to best coordinate educational and technological needs. With four new projects currently underway, the District and Campus Team are working diligently to create enhanced facilities to support our students’ educational endeavors with projects like the Swing Space – Interim Housing, Swing Space – Culinary Arts, Develop Interior and Exterior Signage, and the Anaheim Campus Tower First Floor Life/Safety Renovation. As construction is underway at both Anaheim and Cypress Campuses, the Swing Space – Interim Housing and Culinary Arts are designed to temporarily house academic programs that ensure uninterrupted instruction in a clean and safe environment and a smooth transition once the buildings are fully renovated.